Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fetal Position

Here's the first picture I took on my new camera. (You can click on it to make it larger.) Ollie has taken to sleeping in a new and heretofore unused 'kitty bed' that I got for Izzy when she was a kitten. She didn't really use it at all, but now he sleeps there almost exclusively, if I'm on the same floor of the house as the bed.

Cats are funny that way, I've learned. They change where they 'hang out' or sleep depending on season, house temperatures, mood, availability, smell, where their human is, and probably a host of other things. Those kitties. They are almost never apart from where I am when I'm home. :) I love that.

Now, as you can plainly see, Oliver BARELY FITS into this enclosure and only if he tightly curls, which he seems to love to do. The first time I found him in there, it looked so much like pictures of unborn infants in the womb, I did a double-take.

There is just something about that position that I suppose sticks with us forever and brings a feeling of safety, comfort and warmth. I know I get like that on a chilly night when I turn out the light and get ready to go to sleep in a COLD bed. I know I wrap my arms around me, my wrists bent in, legs up tight and everything aiming INWARD, toward the heart/core I would guess. Sort of back to the beginning...


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